• The MAS in a nutshell

    What makes the museum so unique? Discover the MAS in a few words.


  • Here you can find an overview of all the information and activities that will help you plan your visit.
  • We want to continue to spoil you and stimulate your imagination with new and surprising exhibitions in 2017. The new photo exhibition 'City Photographers' in the Boulevard shows the city from an unusual perspective. ‘Encounters’ assumes that art needs no explanation to impact or change us. The autumn exhibition ‘Dazzling Desires’ marks the start of the Diamond Year in Antwerp.
  • Exhibition
    From 19 May 2017 to 20 August 2017
    Friday 19 May 2017 - Sunday 20 August 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00
    Individual visitors
    Great art needs no explanation to touch people. Some works of art leave observers bewildered; others allow them to 'see' from a different perspective. The exhibition 'Encounters' is about a universal experience of art. Dancers in the exhibition are guides of sensibility for the observer; they reinforce the total experience.
  • Since today, a new artwork adorns the outside terrace on the eighth floor of the Museum aan de Stroom. At the request of the city of Antwerp, the Antwerp artist Guillaume Bijl created the artwork Saluting Admiral Couple for the fifth anniversary of the MAS. The work gives the monumental building a playful and surprising touch.
  • Exhibition
    A tasty history of the city
    The history of the city, on the surprising, erratic and often invisible trail of food.
  • Exhibition
    21 October 2016 - 10:00
    MAS | The visible storage goes back a long time, long before the MAS emerged.This exhibition tells the fascinating history of the Vleeshuis Collection and displays an exceptional selection which is normally kept behind closed doors.
  • Unable to choose? Then why not visit every floor of the MAS? Book the full MAS tour, accompanied by a passionate guide. You will receive detailed explanation about all the themed rooms, which will be available free of charge all day long.
  • The MAS has a lot to offer. In addition to the permanent presentation there are also temporary exhibitions, the building, an extensive collection, etc.
  • The MAS collection is a collection of collections. More than 500,000 pieces relating to Antwerp, the port and the world. Browse a selection from it and discover its riches.
  • The MAS towers above the hippest hotspot in Antwerp: the Eilandje. After visiting the museum you can saunter next to the water, just like on a sea dyke. Discover this lively neighbourhood, its countless activities and flourishing restaurants and pubs.